Thanks for your interest in my breads. My name is Shawn Banks. I am a Chef, Butcher, and Baker here in the Knoxville area (and yes, I’ve made a few candlesticks is my day, too).

My primary Chef position is seasonal, and I take summers off to be with my family and hang with my kids while they are out of school.  While they certainly keep me busy, I use a few hours every morning to bake fresh and unique sourdough-style breads as a hobby that has grown into a small side business.  The more breads I bake, the more ideas I get for new varieties, and the more breads I bake!  I am now up to 12 varieties of my sourdough breads.  By popular demand, I have also developed a wonderful gluten-free dough that is grain-free, and Keto/Paleo/Whole30 diet friendly, and can also be adapted to all of the flavors of my sourdough style wheat breads.

Every day I accept orders through facebook, the Nextdoor app, this website, and simple word-of-mouth.  I get up early to bake those breads as early as 5am the next morning, and deliver them fresh to your home or business in the greater Knoxville area (usually around 8a-9a).

The cost of local delivery is included in the bread prices. Bread loaves are at least 2 pounds in size.  I also offer all breads in “Try Me” Mini-sized loaves that are 8-10 ounces each, perfect for trying out a new flavor or sharing.  Also by popular demand, I have begun shipping some of my breads nationwide! Shipping charges are extra.

All breads are baked only to order and can be customized to suit your taste (maybe you want raisins added to your Cinnamon Brown Sugar, or you don’t want jalapeños in your Garlic Cheddar bread?).  24 hours notice is required for most orders, but 3 days’ notice is ideal for scheduling purposes.

Again, thank you so much for your interest and especially for your support! This is my favorite way to share my “art” and passion with new friends.